Packing Cubes: Yes or No?

One of the most common debates among travelers is whether or not packing cubes are necessary. I don't know why this topic brings out so much passion in people, but I have heard both sides of the argument, weighed the pros and cons, tried them out myself, and this is what I have decided....

Packing cubes are awesome!! 

Initially I was worried about the extra bulk and weight of the cubes but they are so light and easy to pack that this isn't a real concern. 

This brilliant invention can help you pack faster and stay organized your whole trip. If you are moving around to different cities then you have got to try these out! While island hopping in Greece, I packed everything in cubes and threw them in my big black hole of a backpack. As soon as we checked into our next hotel I would literally dump out the bag and be ready to go.

I personally use eBags packing cubes and am impressed with the quality, even after two years of use. I have used these on short camping trips and longer stays in hotels. The mesh has not snagged or torn and it allows you to see what is inside. 

Once you have your own set of packing cubes, you will find your preference for how to use them. This video is a great place to start. Here are some ideas:

  • Use each cube for packing a different item of clothing. Pack a sock and underwear cube, a shirt (always rolled, never folded!) cube and jeans cube. 
  • Pack each cube with a different outfit for each day of your trip so you don't waste valuable vacation time worrying about what to wear
  • Save space by sharing one big bag between two or more people.
  • If you are bringing pets, use a cube to carry essentials like a small bag of food, water dish and toys. 
  • Pre-pack items for day-trips once you reach your destination so that you can just grab and go (water bottle, camera, beach towel, etc.)
  • Pack extra cubes for dirty laundry and bringing back goodies that you buy along the way
  • Carry travel documents like itineraries and guidebooks. Stuff it with tickets and brochures that you collect along the way. 
  • Keep electronics, chargers and headphones organized
  • Pack bathing suits together to keep water and sand away from your other clothing
  • Let your kids pack your own bags without going crazy. Give them a limit of one cube to bring toys and entertainment
  • Allocate a bag for snacks and drinks

Have you found packing cubes to be useful or a waste of money? I would love to hear your opinion and any ideas you have for packing smarter with a cube set!