"Overall we had an amazing time and appreciate your role in our trip! We will definitely be in contact in the future for our next trip."-Judith V

 Querétaro , Mexico

Querétaro , Mexico

1 Life was founded on the idea that travel changes people for the better. My life has been transformed by of the places I have been. I am more outgoing, less anxious and overall happier because of the experiences I have had within the United States and abroad. I absolutely love talking to my friends, family members and strangers on the street about where they have been and where they dream of going. I want to help get them there easier. 

The first life-changing trip I had was backpacking in Costa Rica in 2008 and my bucket list has been growing ever since.My absolute favorite place in the world is Rome and the city I have been most surprised by was Edinburgh. I have volunteered in Mexico, Cambodia, and completed an internship in Ireland. 

I want to help clients get further than they thought possible on their budgets. Feel free to connect with me even if you are not looking for an agent at this time. I would love to hear your travel stories and hopefully someday help you create more!

-Erin Reynolds

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